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Losing weight to get a guy

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But as you begin your research, you may have noticed how many fad diets and insane workouts are out there. You need to know that you can lose weight quickly while maintaining your life and staying safe. There are at least three things required of men looking for the fastest way to lose weight. Keep reading to find out what they are. Diet is the most important hurdle you must cross to lose weight. Changing your diet is the fastest way to lose weight for men and for women.

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7 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips For Men

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Sorting Last Post on Top Message:. Do you want to lose weight for yourself, first? Wanting the attention that comes from looking better is totally normal, I think. Some external motivation can be good. But don't let it become your only source of motivation to lose a few.

First, what if you lose the weight and your interaction with him doesn't change? Will you still maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself if he doesn't notice? Second, I have found that the boys who don't notice us in school before we lose weight usually continue to not notice us after it's gone. In fact, why let your appearance be the deciding factor? The young men who have already noticed you who are your friends because they like you regardless of your body are much more valuable than some dude who doesn't really know you.

And if looking good is the only thing that catches his eye, who's to say he might see someone else he thinks looks better and takes off anyway? Good for you for wanting to lose weight, and I don't think its a bad thing to want to lose weight to get a little more attention, but you must have the desire for yourself above all, and you can't let it overwhelm everything else that makes you unique and special.

You're a person, not a number, after all! As a guy I would say pursue health for yourself and let the chips fall where they may. Contentment and inner joy are more attractive than curves! Just be who you really are and find someone who appreciates you for that.

This world is screaming the opposite message all day long, but it's worth the wait. When I was in my early 20s I was anxious to meet a woman and get married, but someone gave me the advice I'm giving you and when the time was right I found a woman who appreciated me and shared my deepest passions: 1 Love for Jesus Christ, 2 Desire to spend our lives serving others, 3 Desire to be positive and pursue good things in life and help each other do so, 4 Etc. I'm sure you get my point, thanks so much for sharing, I wish you the very best.

If YOU want to lose weight,there is nothing wrong with that. But like others have said, if he said you needed to lose weight and you did it for him, it wouldn't be right because you would be doing it for someone else. Do it for you. If you think it will make you feel better about yourself, then go for it.

If you get the guy in the process, it's just a perk! It all depends on how you see yourself. I have read your responses and it seems to me that you do want to lose the weight for yourself.

But be careful, that your motivation does not turn into your "reason". Meaning, if he doesn' work out, don't think it was cause you didn't lose enough or fast enough. Don't think you have to lose even more the next time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel attractive, however, if this guy is not your boyfriend, but just a friend, a guy you hang with sometimes, then don't do it for him.

I have been married for 7 years and want to lose weight and, as a bonus, look good for my husband, However, even though I am quite a bit larger than when we met, I was just over pounds then, so I was not a tiny person. He loves me for who I am. He knows me and loves me. I would not lose weight for someone I just met.

It's gotta be for yourself first, and then use others as motivators. Fell good about yourself. If you are confident, you will feel attractive and be attractive. No-I want to lose weight for my guy and we've been married 25 years! I also want to lose weight for me. I know it will make me a happier, healthier person. Do it for yourself. He may still not like you for many other reasons if you're slimmer.

Hi, I am a Man, this is my opinion. If the guy is asking you to lose weight for your health that is one thing, and I expect him to also be working on a goal you choose for him - it goes both ways. If you are trying to loose weight because he wants a "thinner more beautiful lady at his side," dump him on the spot. He has ego problems of his own, and he needs to get those problems resolve before you two continue to date. No person, should tell you how much to weigh or your sizes, not even your doctor.

They can advise you on what they feel would be a healthy weight for you, but they can't be the reason why you are losing weight. You have to decide for yourself, why you want to lose the weight, this way you will be motivated and will stick to the goal to the end and then maintain it. I don't think it is. But there is no guarantee that he'll like you or notice you if you lose weight.

Long-term chemistry is mostly about personality, IMHO. Using other people as your source of motivation is not the way to go and is ultimately unsustainable in the long run. People will let you down one way or the other. None of them are perfect - it's just human nature. I suggest you take some time to find something that motivates you that doesn't depend on other people in one way or another. For a lot of people, it's really hard to find this self-motivation, but it can be accomplished.

It's surprising to me how much we'll sacrifice or improve some aspect of ourselves in order to impress another person, yet we won't do it for ourselves. Like we don't find ourselves worthy enough of that sort of attention.

You'll be all the happier if you do. Your response really helps :. I am not reading other responses You have to do it for you! You have to find out what drives you and if he doesn't love you fat and thin I have a guy that doesn't care if I weigh pounds I had lost heaps by the time he actually met me and even when he found the photo!!! I sort of had to break it to him that I was smaller! I made a comment the other day "I still don't like how I look in the mirror at the gym" He replied with "at least you see yourself in the mirror at the gym" I said "HUH?!?!?

I got 2 tattoos in the last 3 weeks and he loves me I have been 50 pounds heavier I have been 10 pounds thinner than I am now You are deserving of so much more than changing for someone else! That is NOT love Be strong and find your passion! Be at peace! No problem with that. Losing weight can help your confidence go up the roof; and guys love confidence. Just make sure that you're doing it on your terms. Do YOU like your current body? Are you at a healthy, realistic weight for your height?

Are you wearing the clothing size that you want? Are you at a fitness level that pleases you? Guys are a great motivator to lose weight, but it can't be your only motivator.

It ultimately has to be about you. Good luck :. Whether you get the guy or not, losing weight and being healthy and active is good for you in its right. But if the guy serves as motivation for helping you get started in losing weight, then it's all good. But the boosted confidence and energy you feel will make you more attractive-perhaps to this one, or to some other fish in that big ocean.

It then becomes about one's feeling of strength, happiness and health. That shines through and the guy notices. Men are attracted to confidence my friend. Yes and no. Your reasons for wanting to be fit are your own. I would assume that wanting to look attractive to members of the opposite sex is far from the bottom of reasons why people get fit.

However, I think it should be noted that if it is the primary reason it can be risky. If he isn't interested, will your efforts implode? If he is interested, but you wind up in a relationship where you no longer feel the need to impress, will your fitness goals get off track? I say if it gives you confidence and you can use him as motivation then go for it.

If all else fails and you don't get him, at least you got an awesome body to find another guy with.

25 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Get Rid of Your Belly

Every single day I hear women myself included constantly complaining or stressing about the following: boys, their body, food, texting boys, bitches. What did I do wrong? Does he hate me? What a douche….

Sorting Last Post on Top Message:. Do you want to lose weight for yourself, first?

Although the results may seem too good to be true, small lifestyle changes can result in big-time fat loss. When it comes to weight loss, it doesn't have to hurt for it to work. So it helps to make it easy to do. That's exactly what these small changes are—healthy tweaks you can make to your everyday routine that have the bonus of helping you lose weight and get rid of your belly.

Is it wrong to want to lose weight for a guy?

Here at The Fit Father Project, our 1 mission in life is to help men lose weight and get healthy for their families. Paleo diets. Vegan diets…. If you're like me, you want to lose the weight and keep it all off long term with a healthy eating plan you'll actually enjoy sticking to like I show you in this video below…. That's why we want you to focus on starting a healthy lifestyle eating plan — one that is not overly restrictive or complicated — so that you can succeed long-term with weight loss. To make this first tip incredibly valuable, we are going to take a bit of time to break down exactly how you should be eating to lose weight as a man. Rule 1 : Eat roughly every 4 hours to control your hunger and blood sugar. Skipping meals will leave you starving and more likely to over-eat.

6 Ways to Get Him in Shape — and Improve Your Sex Life

One of the most frustrating things your husband can say to you: "I need to lose 5 pounds—I'll cut out the beer. That's because you could forgo beer forever and still never get close to squeezing into your skinny jeans from high school. It's not fair, but men are natural losers. We women may think we know every weight loss trick in the book, but men have some distinct physiological advantages. Women generally have more body fat and are biologically more inclined to store it; men also get a free pass from the monthly hormone peaks and valleys that leave us grumpy, bloated, and craving anything chocolate.

Whether it's for sex, sports or slimming, men tend to have laserlike focus. So a guy might decide to cut out beer or run sprints—that's his big plan.

Have you felt like you've been constantly friend-zoned or shot down because of your weight? Our friends at YourTango share their experience through an open letter. It's been a while since we've seen each other — a hot minute, really. You may remember me as the portly size girl you rejected, calling me "not something you'd want to be seen with.

How To Lose Weight Like A Guy

Knowing that it's almost time to shop for a new bikini is probably all the motivation you need to hit the gym, but bathing suit season scare isn't enough for guys. We blame board shorts. But you don't want to flat-out tell your guy he's getting heavy — it'll just kill his self-confidence and make you look like a nag.

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The Absolute Fastest Way to Lose Weight for Men: The Definitive Guide

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7 Scientifically proven weight loss tips for men that you can use immediately to drastically improve your chances of losing fat and getting in top shape!

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How To Get The Guy, Lose Weight, And Start Your Dream Job

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10 Ways to Lose Weight Like a Guy

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