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Words to get a girl turned on

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Knowing how to turn a girl on over text will make it that much easier to get physical with her in person. Flirting with women over text One of the most effective ways to flirt with women and create sexual tension when texting girls is a misinterpretation. Flipping the script like this and assuming the girl is chasing you and thinking dirty thoughts about you allows you to turn the conversation with the woman sexual in a fun and playful way. Here is an example of how to text girls using misinterpretation:.


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How To Make a Girl Horny in 3 Easy Steps (Pictures)

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Since my recent posts have been covering basic yet important elements of seduction, today I decided to share a really powerful, advanced technique. So this post is primarily for advanced seducers. The technique I will talk about — that of sexual lines — will allow you to get women chasing you in clubs and bars in no time. Another aspect of it is that women will chase you sexually, allowing you to escalate to really dirty sex.

This technique is advanced and requires you to have your basics in check and be able to comfortably get sexual with women. The price you pay however is that the simplified version will have less of an impact. Well, most of the time you will get rejected and the women will get creeped out.

You might even experience a harsh rejection. Why is that? Let us examine each and then come up with some solutions. This way we lay down the foundation for our sexual lines technique, so we can then deliver such lines without facing the many pitfalls. Our purpose with this post is for you to be able to deliver such lines without falling into all the pitfalls — or at least minimizing the chances of rejection. Put it this way: women love when men are behaving in a sexual way toward them. They really dig when men escalate the interaction sexually.

Women love being touched, and they absolutely love it when men are being sexual with them. However, they like it only if they are interested in you. A girl needs to be somewhat attracted to you — at the very least be curious about you — for this to work. But if she is already attracted, why is this all that useful? Why should I use any techniques? Second, attraction is not everything. Escalating and setting the sexual frame is required in order to make sex a possible outcome.

They are complementary. Women will not be interested in anything sexually related to you if they are not at least somewhat attracted or interested in you. They just need to be curious about you and see you as a potential sex partner.

Getting a few signs of interest and receiving a positive response from basic interactions is key here. However, if women are interested in you, they are more open to the idea of being seduced by you albeit that you are behaving in a sexual way toward them. If women are actually really into you they will want nothing more than you to escalate things sexually with them and remember that escalating can either be done physically or verbally.

So a minimum amount of interest is required to pull off this technique. Women are only okay with being sexual with a guy if there is at least a bare minimum amount of attraction already there. I have covered this topic times in the past.

If you are not familiar with it, I believe it is better if you check out posts that cover it more in depth:. I will define it quickly here, but again, I highly recommend you read a lot about it as it is in my opinion one of the most crucial things to learn about in seduction.

Women can face serious issues if the public becomes aware of their promiscuous nature. Women get labeled as sluts for having sex with strangers. The more men a girl has sex with, the more she will get judged. She can even be judged for just behaving in a sexual way or talking openly about sexuality.

Women caring about their social reputations will do anything to protect it. Hence, they often go all out to behave asexually in public, even denying that they are sexual beings.

This of course is rarely the case, as almost all women love sex. It is all about protecting their reputation, though. So whenever a man is being too sexual with his approach or escalates too roughly, her anti-slut defense kicks in, forcing her to reject all sexual advances in order to symbolically distance herself from the sexual frame.

Of course, the higher her anti-slut defense is, the more likely she will reject your sexual advances. I usually avoid such women, because I find them a waste of time personal opinion. If her anti-slut defense is low, you will get away with more. In such cases you can go pretty crazy in terms of sexual escalation. You can deliver very direct and dirty sexual lines and still get away with it — all while making her very horny.

This is another factor that plays an impact on her response to sexual intent such as sexual escalation. Although not too relevant for this post, I decided to mention it anyway.

They can go from asexual to very horny in less than ten minutes. If you escalate sexually again, either physically or verbally on a girl that is not in the mood, you will probably not get far. If she is in the mood — perhaps she is ovulating — you will get laid in no time; you know those nights at the club where you just end up with that super horny girl and almost no work was required whatsoever from your side? Of course, the purpose of sexual escalation in itself is to change her mood from a social one to a sexual one a state of horniness.

Facing a girl that you sense is in the wrong mood maybe depressed or just simply having her thoughts far away from sex? You will be shocked by how much her mood can actually change in such a small amount of time. We have now covered all the reasons for why women would reject you or react negatively to your sexual advances.

Let us now cover how you can avoid all these and deliver such sexually direct lines like those I gave in the beginning. It can even drive her crazy. And even if she might reject you because of her anti-slut defense she might be thinking about what you just said for a while; maybe even fantasizing about it.

Delivering such a line can be very powerful, yet the use of sexual lines like this is rarely advised, as most of the time they lead to rejection. However, when they do work, they work extremely well.

So how could we make this work, or least minimize the chance of receiving a negative response or worse, getting rejected? The solution is simple: you deliver the line of course with a sexy voice and good use of eye contact and after delivering it you leave; you leave before she even has a chance of reacting.

She has no incentive to react, because you left her anyway. Very often, men who are very sexually direct are often very needy too — and that can creep out women. But in this case, you are not one of them — you just left. Now, although you left after delivering the line, its impact still remains.

She still heard what you said and will be affected by it. She will either be very turned on by it, or not, depending on if she was in the right mood and had some interest in you from the get go i. So from leaving her after delivering that super intense sexual line, the impact will most of the time remain warning: she might become very horny , but you will avoid pitfalls like her anti-slut defense kicking in.

To find out whether or not she reacted well to your line, you should re-approach later and see how she reacts. However, most of the time women will re-approach you after this. You can also, after leaving her, look for signs of interests from her: Is she looking at you? Is she following you around? Is she suddenly bumping into you? Jumping into it and delivering a very dirty line and then leaving can help you take the interaction to the next level if nothing else is working.

Keep in mind that it is risky to deliver such a line as an opener it can still work, but there is a high risk of rejection. It is always a good idea to open first, interact some, and maybe escalate a bit before delivering such a line. Also keep in mind that it is important to have a good vibe with her — she needs to be somewhat into you. If she is not, you are really taking a big risk — though sometimes that is the best thing to do.

There is another aspect that should be covered, namely the fact that she will chase you as a result of you leaving her right after delivering that line with such heavy sexual intent. She will be confused and wonder why you left her. You just showed her massive sexual interest and then suddenly you just left her. There is a strong push-pull effect at play here.

This can create a massive amount of attraction. Women love the insecurity of not knowing whether they have you or not, and in this case you are taking this to a whole new level. Talk about confusing.

She does not know why you left, she does not know if you will come back, and all she is left with is horniness beyond control due to the intensity of the line you have just delivered. Seems like a good situation for you to be in, right? Let me share some examples of lines you can use.

I will first share a list that is more suited for intermediate players and then another for the more advanced seducers out there. Let me first share four examples of some basic lines you can use.

However, keep in mind that these lines will be better fitted than the others in some situations. For example, in those situations where you feel one of these heavy sexual lines might be too much of a risk and the chances of it failing are too high.

Remember that the delivery of each of these lines is important: keep your voice low, sexy, and dark. Speak slowly. It can also help to whisper these lines into their ear. Here is the advanced list. These lines have more impact but require more balls and calibration to pull off.

This list is more suited for the advanced player:.

How To Seduce A Woman With Words?

Pay it forward! Print, email or share this with your guy to let him in on what really gets you in the mood. By Flannery Dean Updated October 4,

Gone are the days, when your physical appearance was enough to seduce a woman. These days, a man has to have the gift of artful, seductive conversation to get the attention of the modern-day woman.

Since my recent posts have been covering basic yet important elements of seduction, today I decided to share a really powerful, advanced technique. So this post is primarily for advanced seducers. The technique I will talk about — that of sexual lines — will allow you to get women chasing you in clubs and bars in no time. Another aspect of it is that women will chase you sexually, allowing you to escalate to really dirty sex.

50 Phrases That Would Immediately Turn Women On If Men Would Actually Say Them

And fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways in which you can arouse a woman by just talking. Also, if you factor in the fact that texting is a thing, you can turn her on without even having to be in the same room as her. Sexual communication is fun, and it has to be natural and organic. Even though a woman can be quickly aroused by what you say, she can also be turned off just as fast. There are some aspects of dirty talk that are generally acceptable and safe. But there are also some aspects of it that might make some women uncomfortable. It really depends on the personalities that are involved and the context of the conversation that you are having. There is always something that you can learn.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

Did you know that you can turn on a girl quickly and easily, without putting much effort into it? There are a lot of ways to turn on the girls you find attractive. Some people claim that you should never compliment girls, others not as many, though will say that complimenting girls is the key. To tell you the truth, whether you should compliment girls depends very much on the context and the timing. On the other hand, if you make the right compliment at the right time—and that the girl sees you as a normal guy and not as creepy —chances are that this compliment is going to literally turn her on.

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Top definition. A turn on is something that makes you really excited or really horny. Moaning is such a turn on.

What really turns women on and how men have got it complicated

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. What secret name do you like being called in bed? I'll go first: I like being called "slut" during dirty talk and so do a lot of other people.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 5 "Innocent" Words That Make Her Chase You

It works like this…. It'll be so easy and simple, that there is no way you can possibly screw it up. This is my personalized, specific method and you will not find this anywhere else. Just before we jump in, I want to give you a little background on myself so that this all makes sense. I just did not understand how dating and women worked. Now, I feel I can get a girlfriend or a hookup whenever I want.

30 Things to Do With a Naked Woman

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: June 24, References. All girls are different and are turned on by different things, so you will need to individualize the things you say to the girl you are saying them to; however, there are a few words of advice that can turn on almost any girl, provided that you're already dating. Make sure you have a good amount of time to talk to the girl, as a slow, sexy pace will achieve much better results than a rushed one.

This video explains exactly how to communicate and connect with women to get them turned on instantly Jan 1, - Uploaded by Marni Your Personal Wing Girl.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Breaking Out from Your Cloth Mask? Read This.

How To Turn A Girl On: 21 Proven Ways

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