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Best place to meet at bangkok airport

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This will be our first trip to Bangkok. I will be arriving with family and kids on Air Asia flight from Macau to Bangkok, which will land Suvarnabhumi airport at 9pm. My aged parents, will be flying in to the same airport slightly earlier and arriving 7 pm. Parents are unable to move on their own and we need to meet inside the airport before exit. Which would be the ideal location so that Parents could wait until we arrive and meet us without much hassle after luggage collection and before exit so that we could proceed to the hotel in one car.

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Meeting place BKK airport - Thailand Forum

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This guide is aimed at helping you navigate through BKK airport and either to Koh Chang or into Bangkok city centre as easily as possible by your preferred means of transport. The airport terminal, which is one of the largest in the world, resembles a glass and concrete shopping mall.

Changi Airport, in Singapore, for example is far more interesting, regardless of the waterfall. The airport terminal at BKK has four floors and a basement.

Arrivals are on the 2nd Floor. Departures are on the 4th Floor. The 3rd Floor is a mass of over priced restaurants along with a couple of convenience stores and branch of Boots. If you have an unlocked phone, then pick up a SIM card at one of the telecoms counters on the Arrivals level. You can top these cards up at any 7-eleven. These two photos were taken about 1 minute apart.

Top is at Superrich near the rail link ticket office. Bottom is SCB bank about 50 metres away in the airport. What do you prefer Suvarnabhumi Airport Arrivals The arrivals process is the same as in any international airport. The process is straightforward. Fill this out on the plane. If you already have a Tourist Visa for Thailand make sure you fill out those details on the form.

And be sure to keep the Departure section safely in your passport. There are moving walkways to help speed you to Immigration. There are often long queues at Immigration, so pee first. The Thai queues will have people waiting and a handful of smiley, chilled Immigration officers waving people through. TIP: There are three immigration areas at Suvarnabhumi.

They often get crowded and have long queues. Immigration 2 — in the middle — is the smallest but is always the quietest. Some nationalities need to get a Visa on Arrival.

The forms and counters for this are located just before you reach Immigration and are clearly signposted. Check your carousel number on one of the large overhead screens and then go and get your bag.

Personal belongings in reasonable quantity, which are worth no more than 20, Baht in total and are not prohibited or restricted goods or food. No more than cigarettes or g of tobacco or g of all types combined. No more than 1 litre of alcoholic beverage. In reality, virtually;y every tourist has more than 20, Baht worth of personal belongings on them.

Which makes a bit of a nonsense of the outdated law. The customs officers are mainly interested in booze and cigarettes. The exceptions are when passengers are struggling with a suitcase, carry on bag and several obvious carrier bags of booze and cigarettes. Once you are through Customs you will enter the bustling Arrivals area. These can be topped up at virtually any mini-mart in Thailand. Prices start from around Baht for 1 week package.

This requires you to have a single booking from your home airport to Trat with a change of planes at Bangkok international airport. In , Trat Airport was granted CIQ Customs, Immigration and Quarantine status, which means that if your international flight is on one of Bangkok Airways partner airlines, you will be checked in all the way to Trat. So you can clear Immigration and Baggage Claim when you land in Trat. However, if you arranged the Bangkok — Trat flight separately, i.

Trat Airport is a sleepy place. Buy tickets when you land in Trat. If you want to book in advance, this is possible and will also save you money. The driver will be waiting for you in the Arrival area — at the Meeting point near Entrance 3. Driving time to the mainland pier is around 4 to 4 and a half hours. More details here. Go to Entrance 8 on Level 1 of the terminal building.

There you will see the Suvaranbhumi Burapha ticket counter. There is a big bus at and microbuses or minibuses at and A return ticket is Baht. This departs at and and the bus makes a stop at the Airport Transportation Terminal at around and The early bus will drop passengers heading to Koh Chang off at Ao Thammachat pier and the later bus will stop at Centrepoint. But be sure to tell the driver in advance. To get to the Transportation Terminal airport bus station , you need to take a free shuttle bus from the airport terminal.

Hop on at Entrance 5 on Level 2 or Entrance 5 on Level 4. Buses depart every ten minutes. Car rental services are available 24 hours on the Arrivals level near Entrance 8. All the major car hire companies have booths there.

There are good roads all the way and outside Thai holidays, usually light traffic. Then you want to take highways , 3 and to the ferry pier. Only four turnings to remember in a Km drive.

Yes, it is possible to take a public taxi to the mainland pier for Koh Chang. The hills put them off. The price will depend on your haggling skills and it might take some time to find one willing to take you.

But figure on around 3, Baht total. The old system of queuing and having a member of staff write down where you are staying on a piece of paper which you then give to the driver has gone. The taxis are all lined up opposite — in numbered bays. Just press the button on the taxi kiosk and then match the number on your printout with the bay the taxi is parked in.

The printout also has the registration number of your taxi on it. One is for regular taxis. And for people travelling short distances, e. Walk over to your taxi, show the driver your printout and tell them where you want to go. Make sure the driver puts the meter on when you get into the taxi.

The meter always starts at 35 Baht. As of May Uber ceased operations in Southeast Asia and sold their business to their rivals Grab. It is possible to use the Grab smartphone apps to get a private car from the airport to your hotel. They offer fixed prices for cars to or from the airport.

I like these services as the drivers are accountable. You know who they are and have people you can contact in case of any problems. Using the grab app is almost the same as Uber, download it from the app store.

And then to order a driver, you can either use your current location or mark it on a map. There will be a few options for Grab Car, Grab taxi or a Grab bike plus package delivery options. Grab Taxi uses regular taxis. Grab Car uses private drivers with their own vehicles. The same as Uber does. One difference is that you can opt to pay the driver in cash at the end of the ride.

This is quite expensive, around three times the price of a normal taxi and double a Grab Car. But if you have a large groups, say people. Then the rates are reasonable. Likewise there are a lot of private taxi services that can be pre-booked online.

If you are travelling light and staying on or near a skytrain or subway station or just want to avoid the hassle of dealing with a taxi driver, then this is a very good service. Travelling time is just under 30 minutes. Catch the bus at Entrance 7 on Level 1 of the terminal building. You can also take a public bus from the Airport Transportation Terminal into Bangkok.

The old airport, Don Meuang Airport, was closed when Suvarnabhumi opened. However, due to the rise in budget airline travel it was taken out of mothballs and re-opened a few years ago.

Since then a new Domestic terminal has been built and the airport is as busy as ever. There are free shuttle buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Mueang Airport every 12 — 30 minutes depending on the time of day between

Places to Wait at Arrival Section of Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok Forum

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Outstanding comfort and convenience. I could not recommend this hotel more highly. Every detail to ensure comfort is provided, from the spacious rooms, wonderfully comfortable beds, pool and beautifully vegetated pool deck, fitness facilities with a wide variety of well-functioning equipment, steam and dry saunas, Thai massage extra charge , outstanding menu and res

Ideally, i would like to meet up with her at the airport and catch the flight to Chiang Mai together but she will most likely not have a phone on her so communicating is going to be difficult. Do you think it would be possible to meet somewhere at the airport? We were thinking of buying them ahead of time. Or should we just purchase same day?

Suvarnabhumi Airport Guide

My flight will arrive at and my friends from another country at Both of us will fly Phuket together by Thai Airways. Can I find his gate number using his flight number and wait for him before the gate? Is there any restrictions? This depends on whether you're staying in transit at Suvarnabhumi, or whether you have to clear Immigration and claim baggage. If your tickets are both on a single PNR and your luggage is being checked through to Phuket, you clear Immigration in a special transit line and can then go directly to your gate. In this case I'd say meet at your outgoing gate. If you have to claim baggage and go through customs and then check in for your ongoing flight , maybe it would be best to meet up at the Magic Food Court on the ground floor — Level 1. Sam , you're asking if you could remain airside and delay going through immigration for 2 hours, possibly longer. I think the simple answer is that you could but it would be unusual and your checked baggage would likely get pulled from the carousel as being unclaimed and taken to lost property unless through checked to HKT.

Bkk Airport – Meet the Driver

This guide is aimed at helping you navigate through BKK airport and either to Koh Chang or into Bangkok city centre as easily as possible by your preferred means of transport. The airport terminal, which is one of the largest in the world, resembles a glass and concrete shopping mall. Changi Airport, in Singapore, for example is far more interesting, regardless of the waterfall. The airport terminal at BKK has four floors and a basement. Arrivals are on the 2nd Floor.

My friend and I will be flying into BKK from different places and plan to arrive there about hours apart.

When you spot that little flag you know the swarm is heading your way. Bring your coupons back to the cashier, get your money back, head to the Family Mart on the departures floor. Muscle-bulging, Beats-wearing mouth-breathers whose tank tops read like an encyclopedia of Southeast Asian beers.

A good meeting point at Bangkok airport - Bangkok Forum

Can someone please recommend a good place to meet up at Bangkok airport? My boyfriend is flying in 2 hours before I do, so it needs to be somewhere that he can sit and wait. He's flying in from London, and I'm flying in from Sydney, so if there are multiple terminals then we may need to consider that. He is flying BA, and i think I'm on a quantas flight.

It handles most long haul international flights to and from Thailand, as well as a selection of short haul domestic and international flights. Don Mueang Airport is the smaller and older of the two airports, handling some international flights and a high volume of domestic flights. Most low-cost airlines that serve Thailand are based out of Don Mueang Airport. You can find flights and see which airport they arrive at in Bangkok on Skyscanner. The two airports are located very far apart with no direct rail link.

Place to meet up at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangakok

Regent Suvarnabhumi Hotel. Regent Suvarnabhumi is the 9-storey twin towers which presents deluxe rooms to travelers with our spacious accommodation and extensive amenities. To ensure our guests comforts and hassle-free for a relaxing stopover or transit time in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, we offer ahour reception check-in and airport transfer services so you can rest assure that your travel either for both business and leisure will be a cherished, memorable experience. At Regent Suvarnabhumi, our guests can enjoy a range of massage courses that will help you relax from a long-tiring flight or soothe your body pain before taking flights to onward destinations. Ladkrabang 22, Ladkrabang, Bangkok All Rights Reserved. Regent Suvarnabhumi, one of the best places for stop-over near Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport , is suitable for transit or late night flights passengers as our hotel is only 8 minutes drive away from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and 25 minutes from Bangkok downtown.

If flying Thailand internally then there is a good chance that you will be flying into Don Mueng airport. The rules on arrival at DM Bkk airport change often and.

My daughter is flying in from Australia and we are meeting there then heading to our hotel together. Could anyone recommend a good spot in the airport that we could meet? I will have a cell phone but she won't have one so we won't be able to text each other?

Find Hotels in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

My friend and I plan to meet up in Bangkok. However, I will be landing at the airport 3 hours before him. Is there any place at or near the arrival area where I can wait for 3 hours? Any cafes, restaurants, or even seats for waiting?

Where to meet inside Suvarnabhumi Airport? - Bangkok Forum

Bangkok Airport Minibus Pattaya. All of the drivers speak a little English and instructions will be given to you on booking your vehicle transfer and a contact number in case of any emergencies. When you have collected your luggage from the carrousel make your way through to arrivals and GATE 3. Some international passengers flying into Thailand require to do a few things at Bkk airport such as exchange money into Thai baht or gain other travel information.

In Japan , rope has played a significant cultural role for thousands of years. Of course it was used for practical reasons, such as for operating pulleys and holding kimono shut, but also for spiritual ones: the Shinto shimenawa purifying rope , or the border of the sumo ring.

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Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pls help on meeting place - Bangkok Forum

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