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Dating ian gallagher would include

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But please enjoy this for now! Originally posted by ianmickgallagher. Originally posted by sadpinks. Originally posted by dicrapino. Originally posted by sensualkisses. Originally posted by babythirlwalls.

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Originally posted by heavenatniiight. Soooo, can I please request , 20, 50 and 68 for whoever you whish? Originally posted by crazyfandomnerd. They knew what you were going to do before you even thought about doing it. They knew you better than you knew yourself, which only made it a little to hard to avoid them. Not that you were trying to avoid them.

When your friend asked you where you were going, you even told her the truth. She finally let you go, and you made your way outside to the male in question. Carl found himself smirking at you as you moved in front of him to stand on the porch step in front of him.

His hands made their way to your hips. You laughed, standing in between his spread legs. You squeaked before he caught you, letting his arm fall across your thighs. You his your face in his neck, and he chuckled, pulling back a little so he could see you clearly. Now it just gives me heart palpitations. Carl laughed, his hand drawing little patterns on your thigh. The smile your boyfriend had on his face was painted in faux innocence as he shook his head.

He smirked. His hand tangled it self in your hair at the back of your neck, while your grip shifted to fist the green tee he wore. His tongue swiped along your lip just as you heard a gasp.

When you pulled away from Carl to see your best friend staring at you, shocked, you frowned. Carl and I have been together for months! You shared a look with Carl before he shifted so that he could see her. You saw us making out last week! Keep reading. Originally posted by thisfeebleheart.

Ian was tired, so very tired. Because he loved you, and you were his best friend, but man were you a handful. Despite growing on the Southside, you were sweet. But with that being said, you only fought if absolutely necessary.

If someone started yelling at you, you were the type to go silent and put your head down in hopes that they would stop. It made both Ian and Mandy, your two best friends, your volunteer bodyguards. Which is why they were suspicious as hell when Elliot Parker suddenly decided he needed you to tutor him.

Ian sighed, dropping his head. You were sure of it because you had been sitting next to Elliot for just over an hour, trying to explain the relation between supply and demand. You were also sure that he was either the dumbest person alive, or he was playing you. You glanced at the time, before shoving your stuff in your bag. You shot him a soft smile, and as you went to shoulder your bag, his hand shot out and snatched your wrist.

His hand squeezed until you gasp in pain trying to shake him off. You opened your mouth to tell him you had to go, but he used the vice-like grip on your wrist to yank you back into your seat.

It felt like if he squeezed any harder, your wrist would snap in his hand, so you nodded, quickly, sitting back down. The cocky smirk the athlete always wore now had a malicious glint as he finally let go of your hand. Elliot cut himself off as you swung your bag with all your might at his face. His eyes raked your frame for any sign of damage. He grabbed your shoulder to gently pull you inside. The Gallagher in question sat on his living room couch, but when he saw you shuffling behind Lip, he shot up.

What the hell happened? You tried to answer, but you let out a quiet sob so Ian pulled you into a hug.

You were only crying because you felt so embarrassed that he and Mandy were right. You should have listened to them. After all, they only wanted the best for you, you should have listened. I just want you to be okay. You groaned. Ian pushed you far enough away to hold you by the shoulders, and make you look him in the eyes. You are kind, intelligent, and amazing. I never want to hear you talking like that again. Ian took his best friend duties seriously because he grew up with you.

He took them seriously because he knew firsthand that you deserved everything beautiful, and as your best friend he was determined to help you get it. No pressure but it would be great if u wrote it! Ur others smuts r amazing btw Thanks:. Originally posted by ianmickgallagher. You and Carl came from different worlds.

Your expensive clothes and name brand lunches set you apart from the rest of the south side high schoolers. You moved to Chicago after your parents split, and your dad brought you back to his hometown. Everyone viewed you as a rich bitch even though you were in the same boat as most of them. A lot of the guys hit on you, or tried to get you in bed, always wanting to be the one banging the rich girl. You turned down everyone and your reputation grew from rich bitch to rich prude.

Carl, however, interested you. He had been sporting cornrows for your first few weeks in town, and he had recently taken them out. After this, his attitude changed as well. So after months of continuous flirting, you agreed to let him walk you home from school. At the end of your last class you found him waiting in the hallway. But I wanted to ask you something. I told them I had a girlfriend as an excuse to stay out all night, and now they want me to bring someone over.

Dinner with the Gallaghers should be fun. He looked surprised by your answer. Friend throws her clothes in the wash and takes a shower. He catches her basically naked in his room. Smut ensues. Originally posted by titaniumelastic. You and Debbie had just become friends. You had moved to Chicago recently and had multiple classes with her. When she dropped out of your high school for her baby, you agreed to help watch Franny while she took a few metal working classes.

She had to text you her address, you had never been to her house before. The second you knocked on the door, it was flung open and Debbie flew out, passing you Franny quickly.

You stood surprised for a moment before walking into the house with Franny. You walked into the kitchen, spotting a baby bag on the counter. Franny was already getting antsy and you bounced her lightly on your hip. You found bottles of milk in the fridge and after microwaving them and testing the temperature, you sat on the couch and fed her.

She calmed down, drinking quickly. When half the bottle was gone and she began pushing it away with her hands, you propped her up on your shoulder. Patting her back lightly, she coughed a few times. Unexpectedly, after a loud cough, your back was soaked. You quickly ran up stairs, placing Franny in her crib momentarily.

You peeled off the wet shirt, throwing it to the ground. Running to the bathroom, you wiped your neck and back off with a wet towel. Left in only a red bra, you crept into an unknown room in hopes of finding a change of clothes. Opening the closet, you discovered the clothes of Fiona.

You had only met Fiona a few times when she was transporting Debbie places. She was a very skinny girl, and you were slightly bigger.

Ian Gallagher

Originally posted by heavenatniiight. Soooo, can I please request , 20, 50 and 68 for whoever you whish? Originally posted by crazyfandomnerd. They knew what you were going to do before you even thought about doing it.

Ian Gallagher is the third oldest Gallagher sibling and is aged 15 at the beginning of the first series in He is the son of Monica Gallagher Annabelle Apsion and Gary Bennett, revealed when his blood group was found to be incompatible with the rest of his siblings'.

Беккер попробовал его обойти, но парень ему не позволил. - Я сказал тебе - подними. Одуревшие от наркотиков панки за соседними столиками начали поворачивать головы в их сторону, привлеченные перепалкой. - Не советую тебе так себя вести, парень, - тихо сказал Беккер.

writer + ranter — Dating Carl Gallagher would Include...

Рванувшись вниз за своей жертвой, он продолжал держаться вплотную к внешней стене, что позволило бы ему стрелять под наибольшим углом. Но всякий раз, когда перед ним открывался очередной виток спирали, Беккер оставался вне поля зрения и создавалось впечатление, что тот постоянно находится впереди на сто восемьдесят градусов.

Беккер держался центра башни, срезая углы и одним прыжком преодолевая сразу несколько ступенек, Халохот неуклонно двигался за. Еще несколько секунд - и все решит один-единственный выстрел. Даже если Беккер успеет спуститься вниз, ему все равно некуда бежать: Халохот выстрелит ему в спину, когда он будет пересекать Апельсиновый сад.

Халохот переместился ближе к центру, чтобы двигаться быстрее, чувствуя, что уже настигает жертву: всякий раз, пробегая мимо очередного проема, он видел ее тень. Вниз.

shameless imagine — Dating Lip Gallagher Would Include...

Я вызвал тебя сюда, потому что мне нужен союзник, а не следователь. Сегодня у меня было ужасное утро. Вчера вечером я скачал файл Танкадо и провел у принтера несколько часов, ожидая, когда ТРАНСТЕКСТ его расколет. На рассвете я усмирил свою гордыню и позвонил директору - и, уверяю тебя, это был бы тот еще разговорчик. Доброе утро, сэр.

Часовой пожал плечами. - С вами хочет поговорить начальник шифровалки.

Убедить не выпускать этот шифр из рук. Стратмор рассмеялся: - Несколько миллионов. Ты понимаешь, сколько стоит эта штука. Любое правительство выложит любые деньги.

Команда криптографов АНБ под руководством Стратмора без особого энтузиазма создала алгоритм, который окрестила Попрыгунчиком, и представила его в конгресс для одобрения.

Зарубежные ученые-математики проверили Попрыгунчика и единодушно подтвердили его высокое качество. Они заявляли, что это сильный, чистый алгоритм, который может стать отличным стандартом шифрования. Но за три дня до голосования в конгрессе, который наверняка бы дал добро новому стандарту.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Ian Gallagher S10E10 / Meeting with Cole / Orig. Version

С годами она приобрела гибкость и грацию. У нее была высокая стройная фигура с пышной грудью и по-юношески плоским животом. Дэвид шутил, что она может стать первой моделью для рекламы купальников, имеющей докторскую степень по прикладной математике и теории чисел. Через несколько месяцев оба начали подозревать, что обрели нечто такое, что может продлиться всю жизнь.

Они были вместе уже два года, когда Дэвид вдруг сделал ей предложение. Это случилось во время поездки на уик-энд в Смоки-Маунтинс.

Скорее всего он надеялся, что никого не застанет в Третьем узле. Сьюзан постаралась сохранить спокойствие. - Сегодня суббота, Грег. Могу задать тебе точно такой же вопрос. Однако она отлично знала, чем занимался Хейл.

Nov 6, - Dating Lip Gallagher Would Include ✨Being with each other through everything ✨Debbie and Carl always coming to you for advice ✨The.

Когда я летел домой, - сказал он, желая переменить тему, - я позвонил президенту университета. Сьюзан радостно встрепенулась. - Скажи, что ты ушел с поста декана. Дэвид кивнул.

Дэвид Беккер умрет. Халохот поднимался вверх с пистолетом в руке, прижимаясь вплотную к стене на тот случай, если Беккер попытается напасть на него сверху. Железные подсвечники, установленные на каждой площадке, стали бы хорошим оружием, если бы Беккер решил ими воспользоваться.

Но если держать дистанцию, можно заметить его вовремя.

Убийца шагнул к. Беккер поднялся над безжизненным телом девушки. Шаги приближались.

Бев Стратмор никогда его ни в чем не обвиняла. Она превозмогала боль сколько могла, но ее силы иссякли.

Выходит, по-твоему, Стратмор лжет. - Не в этом дело, - дипломатично ответила Мидж, понимая, что ступает на зыбкую почву.  - Еще не было случая, чтобы в моих данных появлялись ошибки. Поэтому я хочу узнать мнение специалиста.

Ну. Беккер кивнул. Уже в дверях он грустно улыбнулся: - Вы все же поосторожнее. ГЛАВА 67 - Сьюзан? - Тяжело дыша, Хейл приблизил к ней свое лицо. Он сидел у нее на животе, раскинув ноги в стороны. Его копчик больно вдавливался в низ ее живота через тонкую ткань юбки.

Кровь из ноздрей капала прямо на нее, и она вся была перепачкана.

Было видно, что Хейл ей не поверил. - Может быть, хочешь воды. Она не нашлась что ответить. И проклинала .

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