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Ff bts i need a boyfriend

All rights go to the respective fic owners. If there is any content appearing on this blog belonging to you that you do not wish to appear on this site, please message us with a link to say which post and it will promptly be removed. I found the fic! And I added an extra fic that I enjoyed and is pretty similar to the one you were originally looking for! After dying at a much too young age, Kim Namjoon is a guardian angel.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Imagine Taehyung As Your Jealous Boyfriend ft. your best friend Jisoo


scenarios & reactions

Words: 12k Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there me being included Read the sequel drabble: here Read more at Service Series. Do you even know what time it is over here? Just let me sleep. In your pajamas on the couch all day. It should be arriving any second now. But you were too tired to ogle him for long and you were already popping your head out the doorway, darting your eyes around.

Where was the package? Should I have gotten you flowers? Hoseok giggles on the phone. The stranger blinks with a charming smile. I deeply apologize! My name is Kim Taehyung! You freeze, hand still on your doorknob and mouth drawing open.

That must be it. Are YOU lonely? Need someone to cuddle at night? Are your parents or family members pestering you? Are you going to a wedding without a plus one? Do you have someone you need to show off to? Call boy-date today! You reach for the remote, shutting off the television before the commercial can even finish. The flashes and neon lights of the advertisement still burn to the back of your eyes.

You grab your phone off the table, beginning to retreat backwards into your bedroom. The fuck is all this? What were you thinking?! Are you insane?! I thought it was a fun idea. Your type right? Mellow and not exhausting to be around!

I mean, they sent me a bunch of pictures and I picked him. Maybe a pretend boyfriend will be good practice to somehow reel you into the right path again.

What kind of person has a fake boyfriend to play pretend?! This is a human life, not the sims game! Fuck Hoseok and what he thinks is good for you or fun. He can go eat your dirty socks. He leans forward, blinking once. Thanks but no thanks. You eject the cd of the commercial, slapping it into his hands while dragging his arm up and to the door. I understand all right.

Please leave. Your friend already prepaid an entire month!?!! Just get out! The both of you are struggling at the door, you trying to push him out but him trying to push inside.

You scream, whipping your arms to get rid of his chirpy laughter. Maybe you really do have a few loose screws inside your head. You nod before you can take anything back. Yes you can. The stranger, Taehyung takes your hands suddenly, spinning you in a circle while he giggles. He clears his throat. Taehyung nods a bit too enthusiastically. For a moment you think he might break his own neck.

The bad boy type? The cold type? Where do you want to go on dates? Do you like being pampered with gifts? Just be yourself. You rush to your bathroom, looking at the mess of makeup that was still on your face from the workday.

You sigh tiredly, slowing down and taking more of your time. You throw a sweater on top of your pajama top, swapping sweatpants for comfortable leggings instead, like the true lazy lifestyle you live. Then you wipe off all your makeup, splashing your face with cold water.

The rest of the time, you sit back down on the couch to finish the episode that you were watching, downing the rest of the wine in your glass.

As promised, he arrives…. He looks down for a moment before meeting your eyes again, handing it to you. Yes they are! They reminded me of you because they are so beautiful.

And speaking of which, you do look lovely today. Was this guy serious? You looked like you were ready to walk to the convenience store and straight back home.

Want to come in? He smiles as he steps inside your abode, watching as you place the flowers on the counter of your kitchen. You said the reservations were at seven? You usher him out of the house, locking up before the both of you head down the elevators.

Like the gentleman he acts like, he opens the car door for you and guides you in. As he drives, you lean to look out the window. I will get to know you well. He was technically your boyfriend. You arrive at the restaurant soon after, Taehyung quickly exiting the car and making his way around to open your door, despite your protests. He even opens the doors of the restaurant for you and the waitress leads you to the table according to the reservations.

The waiters and waitresses are quiet, dressed in white and sauntering around with trays in one hand. A fast food restaurant? Somewhere to grab fries and a burger? Your hair is barely put together and your face is completely bare. Before you can respond in curses, the waiter returns with a huge smile, looking like a stiff mannequin. Taehyung looks at you and you nod. Please do call me if you would like anything more. You watch as the waiter leaves before you turn to Taehyung. You stare at him emotionlessly, and he stares back with enthusiasm.

When the cheque comes, he insists that he pays and you two sit around arguing for a bit. I can pay for my own food! I probably make even more money than you! You finally give up, and he pays, somewhat of a distraught expression on his face despite his words.

As Taehyung drives you home, you talk about Hoseok and how annoying he is even when you met him back in high school. He goes on a long rant about how dogs are better than cats and then you talk about your hobbies netflix and wine obviously. You contemplate for a moment that it was actually a nice change of pace for once. You scoff with a smile. You laugh to yourself, finally entering your abode.

Taehyung texts you several times through your work day. He even goes forth and sends selfies of himself in bed with bed hair to a picture of him drinking his morning coffee to even a dog on the street. Are you busy?

Bts Fanfiction : Boyfriend for rent: part 2

Jungkook was like your addiction, even if the two of you had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. The relationship between the two of you was sweet and nice, but the darker side was something that remained unspoken. Sometimes at night, he would watch your house for hours, only to see who would come in or go out.

Sooooo, here I am with part 2!! Let's not wait any longer to get into the fanfiction!!

As soon as Jin saw your messaging saying that something had happened between you and your boyfriend he rushed out of the dorms and ran to your apartment as fast as he could. When he arrived the door was unlocked and he found you on the bathroom floor, your head buried in your hands, sobbing loudly. Jin sat listening and was in utter disbelief as to how someone could treat you like that. He thought that if he was your boyfriend he would never say or do those things, that rather he would tell you how much he loved you every single day.

kookie-dough fanfiction — Jin as your Boyfriend// Chubby Edition

Cold sheets in the morning. Rain pouring on the windows, casting shadows on the ruffled bed. Your shirt riding up as you stretch your hands over your head and the joggers you had stolen from Jungkook sagging on your hips. His thumbs rubbing circles on your bare hips as he mumbles in his sleep. His mouth open and his lips a yummy pink tint. Black t-shirt. Loose sweatpants. Ruffled dark hair cascading over his forehead and stopping just above his curled lashes. His skin a creamy, glowing hue in the rainy morning light. The smell of rain wafted into the bedroom, the sound of it on the roof like a medley the earth was playing.

BTS reaction to their drunk girlfriend telling them she has a boyfriend.

Since this was a sensitive topic to some, and im quite young. You are gorgeous, every part of you, you are my shining angel, and I love you for who you are! He leaves open mouth kisses around your inner thighs, between the valley of your breasts, down your stomach. It will end up with a red faced Jin saying 29 words per second and squaring up ready for anything. WorldWide Handsome.

Words: 12k Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there me being included Read the sequel drabble: here Read more at Service Series. Do you even know what time it is over here?

Next Morning Jk: Morning sunshine. You: I never got your name,so weirdo it is.

— Boyfriend! Jungkook (Pt.2)♡

Currently in need of some major fluff. You guys are great. Authors note: Thank you for the request and kind words!

He would prepare a bath so you could get out of the sleepy state. He would place his arm around your waist and walk you to the bathroom. Once you were there, he would look at you and place his hands on the hem of your dress. Sensing what he was going to do, you would scold slapping his hands. Originally posted by sugaa. YOONGI He would be complaining since he got the call from your friend but once he saw your clingy state he would smile.

— a little comforting. ↳ your boyfriend, jungkook...

Он утверждал, что стремление граждан к неприкосновенности частной переписки обернется для Америки большими неприятностями. Он доказывал, что кто-то должен присматривать за обществом, что взлом шифров агентством - вынужденная необходимость, залог мира. Но общественные организации типа Фонда электронных границ считали. И развязали против Стратмора непримиримую войну. ГЛАВА 24 Дэвид Беккер стоял в телефонной будке на противоположной стороне улицы, прямо напротив городской больницы, откуда его только что выставили за причинение беспокойства пациенту под номером 104, месье Клушару.

MY BOYFRIEND IS A MAFIA -Jungkook ff Part 5 Next Morning Jk: Morning You: I don't have any other clothes except the ones I have on. Jk:*point to the.

Подумала, что, может быть, спутала последовательность нажатия клавиш. Немыслимо, - подумала. Согласно информации, появившейся в окне, команда была подана менее двадцати минут. Сьюзан помнила, что за последние двадцать минут вводила только свой персональный код, когда выходила переговорить со Стратмором. Невозможно представить, что машина могла спутать пароль с командой отключения Следопыта.


- Стратмор обошел фильтры. Я в этом уверена.  - Она подошла вплотную к окну.

АНБ было единственной разведывательной организацией США, освобожденной от обязанности отчитываться перед федеральным правительством. Стратмор нередко пользовался этой привилегией: он предпочитал творить свое волшебство в уединении. - Коммандер, - все же возразила она, - это слишком крупная неприятность, и с ней не стоит оставаться наедине.

Вот мои условия. Ты даешь мне ключ.

Когда люк открылся, Чатрукьян невольно отпрянул. Струя горячего воздуха, напоенного фреоном, ударила ему прямо в лицо. Клубы пара вырвались наружу, подкрашенные снизу в красный цвет контрольными лампами. Далекий гул генераторов теперь превратился в громкое урчание.

Прямо перед ней во всю стену был Дэвид, его лицо с резкими чертами. - Сьюзан, я хочу кое о чем тебя спросить.  - Звук его голоса гулко раздался в комнате оперативного управления, и все тут же замерли, повернувшись к экрану.

- Сьюзан Флетчер, выйдете за меня замуж. В комнате зашушукались. С одного из столов на пол упали подставка для бумаг и стакан с карандашами, но никто даже не пошевельнулся, чтобы их поднять.

Лишь едва слышно шуршали лопасти вентиляторов охлаждения мониторов да доносилось ровное дыхание Дэвида в микрофон, почти прижатый к его рту.

Прошу прощения. Кто-то записал его, и я подумал, что это гостиница. Я здесь проездом, из Бургоса. Прошу прощения за беспокойство, доброй вам но… - Espere.

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