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This is an important decade for preventing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer later in life. A health check with Summerfield Healthcare has a valuable educational effect, a check-up makes the point that health is something to be prized and not taken for granted. One in three deaths in England are before the age of 75 and more than three quarters of these premature deaths are as a result of the five big killers:. Heart disease, testicular and prostate cancer are serious health risks for men and we believe that a regular health check offers the best chance of early detection. As a result, a morning appointment is preferred.

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Health assessments

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Back to Men's health. Well man clinics offer a range of health checks for men. A well man clinic isn't a replacement for your GP. If you're ill or need medical advice, see your GP.

The range of tests and health checks may vary between clinics, but any of the following may be assessed:. Read the answers to more questions about men's health. Page last reviewed: 28 February Next review due: 28 February Home Common health questions Men's health Back to Men's health. What are well man clinics? You'll have to pay for tests at a private clinic, which can be expensive.

What health checks do well man clinics offer? The range of tests and health checks may vary between clinics, but any of the following may be assessed: your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking medical history weight and height blood pressure cholesterol a urine test for diabetes or kidney infection hearing and vision lung function an electrocardiogram ECG to check for heart problems a chest X-ray , if you're a heavy smoker advice on cancers that can affect men such as testicular or prostate cancer Read the answers to more questions about men's health.

Well Man Clinic near your location

Discreetly tucked away in the Harley Street district of Marylebone, the Wellman Clinic offers kindly and knowledgeable expert advice to men with worrisome health problems. Established by Dr. Richard Petty in , the WellMan Clinic specialises in in-depth personalised health screening, testosterone replacement therapy TRT , prostate health screening, treatments for erectile dysfunction and heart disease. In-depth health screening provides a wide-open opportunity to discuss and explore sensitive health issues, taking the routine check-up into a further dimension. Understand the causes of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome and how we can diagnose and treat the condition.

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View Our Location. Men who are screened run some risks from the biopsy test, and may not benefit from treatment even if they do have cancer. In fact, by diagnosing and treating cancers that might not need to be treated, the risk of reduced quality of life from treatment complications may be higher than if they were not screened. This does not stop men asking to be screened and a test the PSA test is available if you request it.

Our Health Screening For Men Packages

Our health screening packages for men have been developed specifically for men of all ages. Regular health screens monitor your health and lifestyle and detect any signs of illness early, such as testicular cancer and heart disease, when it is most treatable. We have male GPs who you can select if you prefer who are supported by a highly experienced and professional nursing team. You will receive a full written report following all health screens and have the chance to ask any questions you would like. A doctor-led fully comprehensive health screen for men of all ages to investigate your current health, lifestyle and risk factors. This in-depth health assessment checks all systems of your body using a wide range of blood tests and other investigations. You will receive a consultation, a top to toe physical examination, a personalised medical report, and recommendations by one of our GPs. Our platinum ultra screen includes all the tests in the platinum profile and is enhanced with the addition of:.

Tell us about your care

We carried out this inspection under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act as part of our regulatory functions. This inspection was planned to check whether the service was meeting the legal requirements and regulations associated with the Health and Social Care Act Our inspection was led by a CQC inspector with a GP specialist adviser and a practice manager specialist adviser. The service is registered with the CQC to provide the regulated activities of Diagnostic and screening procedures, Treatment of disease disorder and injury and surgical procedures.

Coronavirus As the impact of coronavirus COVID is felt across the UK and in many other parts of the world, you may have questions about how it could affect your health, travel and business.

Back to Men's health. Well man clinics offer a range of health checks for men. A well man clinic isn't a replacement for your GP.

Well Man clinic

A Well Man Screen is our most popular health check. This is a fully comprehensive medical examination and testing for the identification or early detection of any medical issues to give you total peace of mind about your health. Our Well Man Screen is an in-depth assessment of your overall health that should be taken frequently as part of your annual health maintenance or when as your health changes, especially if you are worried about a particular issue or health condition. Most of our clinics offer free onsite patient car parking and easy access facilities for patients who have mobility issues or are disabled.

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We are confident that we will be able to achieve continuity of care for you through our Queen Anne Street branch and are committed to looking after you now and in the future. At our clinics we strongly believe in the importance of preventative care. To reflect the wide variety of the needs of our patients we are offering several Wellman packages:. Bronze Wellman includes a thorough consultation and examination with an experienced doctor, resting electrocardiogram, extensive blood testing, and a follow-up consultation or a written report summarizing the medical as well as giving recommendations for future care. This test can help identify if you are at risk of developing diabetes and is vitally important if you have any symptoms of diabetes, have family history of diabetes or are concerned about your diabetes risk. Untreated diabetes can cause heart disease and increase your risk of heart attacks and stroke, impair your vision and even cause blindness, cause kidney problems and neurological issues.

Well man check-ups

Choose an assessment to suit you. Individual blood tests also available. Please call for more information. Assessment by one of our friendly GPs. A full written assessment will be included.

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Our expert team can be there to support you every step of the way. We do take a payment upfront for our consultant appointments and that can be done at the time of booking. If you feel you may be late for your appointment, please contact us on and we will do what we can to help you.

Wellman Examinations

Just like a regular health check-up, a private well man health check is important for keeping everything as it should be, so you can get on with your everyday life. Our Well Man check is a complete health check-up that has been designed to asses your current health status and other medical needs. The importance of performing a Well Man check is that it allows you to identify any underlying health issues that you might be having, at the earliest stage possible.

Here you will find the list of services and areas where we, the Care Quality Commission, authorise and regulate this service to operate. If you think this service is operating services not listed here please contact us. We rate most services according to how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led they are, using four levels:.

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