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I need a sponsor woman

A workplace sponsor is traditionally someone in a position in a company that is able to guide and influence your progress through the maze and politics of advancement. A sponsor takes an employee they think has potential and guides them in a different manner than a mentor or supporter would. There continues to be evidence in studies that sponsors are one of the most effective methods of advancing in an organization. Sponsors get employees noticed, and create opportunities for them to progress.


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Help Forge Her Path to Success, Sponsor a Sister

Not-so-surprising fact: Having a professional mentor helps men more than it helps women sigh. So people are starting to look toward sponsorship as a way to help women at work instead.

But … do you need a sponsor? And how do you find one if you want one? We have many fewer sponsors than men do. This is really important because the sponsor is the person when the door is closed. How do you find one? Network , network, network, network. Get to know folks. But you may also find yourself those one or two or three or five sponsors who can really help your career.

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To Advance, Women Leaders Need Sponsors, Not More Mentors

Think again. A Catalyst survey found that women who have mentors are less likely to be promoted than women with sponsors. They advocate for you, assist you in gaining visibility in your company and industry, and fight to help you rise through the ranks. I ended up landing a job with that organization, which led to my next job, too. This person can be in your company, an influential member in your field or industry, or even a professor.

Not-so-surprising fact: Having a professional mentor helps men more than it helps women sigh. So people are starting to look toward sponsorship as a way to help women at work instead.

Not everything can be shared in the Al-Anon meeting; this is why I need a Sponsor. I need a true confidante. I found a Sponsor by listening to what was being shared in the meetings and through fellowship after meetings. I identified with so much of what this person said. I knew that working the Steps with this member would only benefit me.

How to Get Sponsorships Like a Pro

While this is a move in the right direction towards gender diversity, women continue to be underrepresented at every level. A more deliberate focus on career sponsorship is one strategy to help more women rise to the top and achieve gender parity. Simply put, mentors advise while sponsors advocate. The difference is also in the level of support. A sponsor can certainly make or break a career much more than a mentor. Take stock of your career and determine whether sponsorship is the right approach to your professional development by answering these questions —. On the flip-side, becoming a sponsor yourself might even be the better strategy to advance in your career. And so, ask yourself —. By signing up to our mailing list, you will receive up to date information on the latest relevant training courses, Konnect Learning scheduling information, news and offers.

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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Harris told the audience at her Ted Talk in that the experience made her question who would argue on her behalf. Just how do you identify and invest in the kind of relationship that gets you noticed by senior-level executives and considered for big promotions?

The following websites could be helpful for international partnerships and finding education and funding opportunities:. Grant applications are regularly updated on the following websites:.

Interested in learning how to get sponsorship and raise money for your association? If so, this post from Joe Waters, sponsorship expert and author of Selfish Giving shows you everything you need to know. This is good news for you because just about every nonprofit sells - or should be selling - sponsorships. Sponsorship is a great source of additional revenue and contacts.

Why women need a sponsor for career development

Too few women are reaching the top of their organizations, and a big reason is that they are not getting the high-stakes assignments that are prerequisite for a shot at the C-suite. Often, this is due to a lack of powerful sponsors demanding and ensuring that they get these stepping-stone jobs. Ensuring that women get the sponsorship they need to move up has proved elusive for most organizations.

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But much of this advice ignores the realities of the workplace today, including the implicit biases women face when they advocate for themselves or speak up at work. Women have no dearth of professional mentors: 83 percent of women report having at least one mentor in their careers, compared to 76 percent of men. In fact, 21 percent of women report having four or more mentors, whereas just 15 percent of men report having that many. So why are the upper echelons of most organizations still lined by white men? Finding an advocate within these circles can help high-potential women and leaders of color get much-deserved access and visibility.

Sponsors Help Women Advance

A good way to find a sponsor is to attend S. You may also attend meetings, conferences and workshops outside your area. See information on your local S. Listen as people share at meetings and events and see whom you relate to. A Sponsor and Sponsee work well together when they share a common history. Listen for people who have some time in the program and who have Sponsors of their own. Listen for someone who shares honestly, as honesty between a Sponsor and a Sponsee is critical. The prospective Sponsor may be someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Feb 26, - Her sponsor was the woman who lead the workshop. to myself, “gee, if I knew how to pick a winner, I would have no need for Al-Anon”.

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A Lack of Sponsorship Is Keeping Women from Advancing into Leadership

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