Ergonomic Comfort Kneeling Chair for Home Office

Ergonomic Comfort Kneeling Chair for Home Office



It rocks while working! 

Live a healthier life with this innovative Wooden Rocking Kneeling chair. Our kneeling chair will Change your sitting posture forever, it helps you to sit in appropriate positions without exerting much pressure on your backbone nerves. It’s the ideal balance between beauty and practicality.


It is your best choice chair for your Office

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“Despite other Types of Chairs, this Kneeling the only chair I can use for 10-hour days with total comfort” – Steven M., architect and designer

Benefits of our comfort chair

  • Healthy Ergonomic Design
  • Puts posture to the healthy position
  • No pressure on your backbone
  • No pressure on your sciatica verve, reliefs your sciatica pain
  • Set your neck in the right position, no neck pain
  • Prevents Neck & Back Problems
  • Improves Blood’s Circulation And Oxygen Levels


Feel more comfortable, positive, and relaxed while working using our  Ergonomic Kneeling Comfort Chair. This Egro Kneeling will prevent you from putting pressure and having stubborn neck and Posture problems. This will absolutely increase the quality of your life, and increase your work production! 


Because they keep your Posture in action and help you to maintain a balanced sitting position: not just one position, but with constant gentle movement that keeps the sitter feeling energized and alert. It makes your back muscles active while working.



Ergonomic posture Chair.

  • This is a premium ergonomic kneeling chair using natural birch wood and bentwood craft.
  • This posture correction chair can help to correct posture, prevent kyphosis and build a beautiful body shape.
  •  With a max.330 lbs load capacity, it is suitable for big sized persons.
  •  With this stool, you will focus more on work and feel less fatigue & pain after a long time of work.

Product Features:

  • Material: Natural Wood + Foam + Lint
  • Craft: Bentwood
  • Load Capacity: 330lbs
  • Product Size: 28.5x17x20.5″


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Black, Hickory frame, White oak frame