Intelligent Full Spectrum Grow Light Hydroponics System Box for Indoor Soilless Cultivation



The Indoor Hydroponics System Box is perfect for indoor gardening. It has a hydroponic circulation system and a 24-watt LED light to promote plant growth. The kit includes 12 planting baskets, cotton, and covers, with adjustable lighting and a water pump circulation mode.

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The Indoor Hydroponics System Box is the perfect solution for all your indoor gardening needs. With its advanced hydroponics circulation system, this indoor garden kit is designed to provide faster growth for your plants by increasing the oxygen in the water. The water circulation system provides complete control over the weather, ensuring your plants grow all year round.

The 24-watt LED light in this hydroponic plant growth system simulates the sunlight spectrum, promoting the photosynthesis of your plants and enabling indoor gardening in any weather. This indoor garden kit is an educational and interactive gift for children and is perfect for placing in the kitchen, bedroom, or office.

This hydroponic planting system offers 2 different intelligent planting modes, vegetable mode and melon and fruit mode, with red, blue, and white LED light spectrum. This makes it suitable for different stages of germination, flowering, viewing, and fruiting. The water level buoy display system clearly shows the available water level in the tank, ensuring you always know when to add more water.

The water pump circulation mode works for 30 minutes, then stops for 30 minutes, and then circulates again. You can also switch to the sleep mode by clicking the water pump button, putting the machine into a smart do not disturb mode, and turning off the water pump for 12 hours. This ensures you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance.

The height-adjustable garden kit allows you to adjust the height of the lighting part, helping your plants absorb more energy and promoting growth. The kit includes 12 beans, allowing you to grow up to 12 plants up to 23.6 inches tall at the same time. This hydroponic system box is the perfect gift for plant enthusiasts and is sure to bring a touch of greenery to any indoor space.


* Function: Indoor hydroponic planting
* Control Method: Touch
* Control Plug: US
* Color: White
* Material: ABS+Aluminum
* Number of Holes: 12 holes
* Water Capacity: 3.5 L
* Voltage: 110-240V AC / 24V DC
* Maximum Power: 24W
* LED Life: 50000 hours

What’s in the box:

1 x IGS-20 Indoor Hydroponic Planting Machine (host)
1 x Power Adapter (input: 110-240V AC, output: 24V DC)
2 x Bottles of Fertilizer
12 x Planting Cotton
12 x Planting Baskets
12 x Germination Covers
1 x Instruction Manual