Baby Reflux Sleep Positioner, Baby Pillow Lounger

Baby Reflux Sleep Positioner, Baby Pillow Lounger


Meet The Best Baby Reflux Sleep Positioner, Baby Pillow Lounger


  • Best way to prevent baby’s acid reflux
  • Helps to burp the baby with acid reflux
  • The best wedge for your newborn

Have you ever known that acid reflux, SIDS & Suffocation can be caused by the baby’s bad positioning?

This baby sleep positioning pad is designed to prevent your newborn baby from acid reflux and offers him/her a good breathing position. It has the perfect 15-degree angle designed by specialists to prevent Acid Reflux, SIDS & Suffocation, defects of oxygen in newborn babies (between 0-6 months) while sleeping, which maybe be caused by the baby’s bad positioning. This baby sleep positioner will offer to the newborn baby the best sleeping position. It is soft, comfortable, and adjustable to support the baby’s legs and head. It also can be used while nursing, or even breastfeeding.

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15-degree bevel mitigation vomit milk

Thanks to the 15-degree oblique slope, the acid reflux of milk digestion caused from 180 degrees body position will be reduced. The pad offers the recommended well-breathing position for newborn babies.

Untitled 5Design of simulated mummy uterus

The baby lounge chair is a bionic design imitating the uterus, designed to provide a safe, comfortable and soothing environment for babies. Babies can rest, play and rest without being disturbed by buckles, bells, and debris, and can also make parents and babies fall asleep safely.

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Ergonomics, fit the baby’s body development curse

the spine of the newborn baby is in a straight state. Put the baby is a mattress, can protect the head, neck, spine development


Don’t leave a chance for the head

Your baby kid will never have a flat head. Groove setting, shape beautiful head( no chance for flat head).

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Adjustable design

As the baby grows up, the length of the body is different at different stages, and the position can be adjusted arbitrarily.

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Easy storage

Just carry away, easy to fold: Portable folding design, farewell to cumbersome, easy to carry.

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Product  information

Made of high-quality 3D polymer material filler. Safe for babies’ sensitive skin. It can keep your baby safe and enjoy a deeper sleep, just like sleeping in the arms of a mother.

  • U-shaped pad, soft and comfortable to support the baby’s legs.
  • 3D Breathable bird’s eye cloth, the baby is not sultry lying on it.
  • Adjustable velcro design, paste firmly, no shift.


  • applicable age: 0-6 Months (Unisex)
  • Product material: outer layer cotton and organic fiber 
  • Product material: Inner layer: Anti-pressure and elastic cotton returnable
  • Product specifications: 11*15.7*23.6
  • Part color: grey


Note: Please stop using when a baby can turn over into a prone state( prone with the abdomen down). Mattress, please wipe the fabric with a wet cloth for cleaning; the outer cover of the positioning roll mat can be wasted at a water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius(86 F). Do not bleach, dry, iron, or dry clean.