Unisex Shoulder Brace Support & Heated Massager

Unisex Shoulder Brace Support & Heated Massager


Do you want to keep your shoulder pain away?… One Heated Shoulder Brace Fits many Issues

The shoulder brace support and heated massager could help:
  • Compressing the shoulder joint to reduce inflammation.
  • Reducing shoulder instability to allow injuries to heal more quickly and in the right position.
  • Heating and massaging the shoulder at the same time to improve blood circulation into your shoulder and aid in healing.
  • correcting postural habits that are leading to pain.

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  • Shoulder Pain relief

Heats in seconds and provides a comfy therapy to the shoulder. The brace comes with a vibration massage mode, combined with heat to improve blood circulation, relieves pain caused by the frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, dislocated AC joint, sprain, bursitis, paralysis, strain, stiffness, soreness. It could relax the shoulder muscles, Relief the pain, and help to recover more quickly compared to the normal shoulder braces.

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  • Adjustable Sizes :
  1. Fits for 27″-55″ Chest circumference
  2. Fits for 9″-16″ Arm circumference

Our heating pad with a two-way adjustment function can be worn on the left or right shoulder for men and women, made of durable neoprene, lightweight and breathable. High-quality buckle design for adjusting to fit most people’s size.Perfect gift for Parents!


  • Easy To Switch Mode 

Support 3 temperature settings and 3 vibrating modes, vibration combined with hot therapy offers pain relief & relaxation to muscles and reduces stress, Helps accelerate recovery from injuries

  • Lowest Temperature range: 40°C/ 104°F to 50°C/ 122°F
  • Medium Temperature range: 50°C/ 122°F to 60°C/ 140°F
  • Highest Temperature range: 60°C/ 140°F to 75°C/ 167°F
  • Safe Protection

Embedded with temperature sensor, automatic temperature control when overheating; 2-hour auto-off so you can relax in comfort with confidence.


  • Enjoy Better Vibration Massage & Heat Therapy

Provides maximum heat coverage to cover most shoulder pain areas to maximize shoulder relaxation, gently stretch the four corners and stick the hook and loop, you will get more compact and more tight-fitting protection. The led display shows Temperature and low battery warning 


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Battery capacity: 5000amh
  • Mode: 3 Modes
  • Temperature: High Temperature 167°F
  • Size: 45*32*1cm
  • Applies to: Male And Female Left And Right Shoulders

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