Why You Need To Choose Modern Furniture

Why is modern furniture important? Lets just say it’s the perfect way to express your lifestyle and yourself. Let your furniture speak for itself, with the best furniture whether it’s residential or commercial!

Transform your Living Room with SohoConcept

Harmony Sofa This sofa looks much different than your typical sofa. It has a unique and modern look that is difficult to find. The seating is made of foam, ensuring that your seat is comfortable. It comes in a variety of colours, ensuring that you can pick one to suit your theme. We recommend picking […]

Get Ready for Winter with SohoConcept

I think we can all agree that this year is going by really quickly! We are already in mid October and before we know it, winter will be here. We have some good ideas here at SohoConcept to change your house to give it that winter vibe. Living Room Colour is one of the main […]

Transform Your Room to a Study Space with SohoConcept

This school year is different than others with some students going to school, and others completing their studies at home. It can be difficult to suddenly figure out how to transform your room into a nice modern study space, but SohoConcept is here to help you! Desk I think we can all agree that a […]

Transform your House This Fall with SohoConcept

With fall coming so soon (I know we can’t believe it either), SohoConcept is so excited to show you our new furniture to transform your house this fall. From coffee tables, to dining tables and chairs, we have what you’ll need to give your house a cozy, yet modern look this fall. Coffee Table A […]

Stools and Chairs for Summer 2020

Crescent Piston This stool is comfortable and has a modern look to it. It has a comfortable backrest and its height can be easily adjustable making it ideal for multiple purposes. It has bright colours to choose from, such as turquoise, sky blue, fuchsia and orange. SohoConcept recommends using these stools for a high kitchen […]

Brighten Your House with SohoConcept’s Mirrors

I think we can all agree on the fact that we’ve spent a lot more time in our house this summer. You can increase the brightness of your house to get more of that summer time brightness by using one of Sohoconcept’s mirrors​. Anna Mirror This mirror from our ​Anna collection​ has a wooden border […]

Spice Up Patios with Modern Et Al’s Metal Chairs

Et Al Chair Collection With the exciting news that many restaurants are allowed to open their patios, it’s important to find the right chairs. We are happy to introduce you to our Et Al’s collection which has three types of bases – metal, plastic and wooden. There are a couple of factors to keep in […]

Brightening Up Your House with Modern Furniture

Brightness When we think of summer, we imagine brightness. Brightness does not just have to come from the sun though. We can make our homes bright as well. One way you can brighten up a room is to put a mirror near your window or lamps. Our Malta or Anna mirror would be the perfect […]

Bouclé Fabric Makes a Comeback

What is Bouclé? The word bouclé is a French word, translated to English bouclé it means “curls’ – this is a reference to how bouclé yarn and fabric is made, which is from many different loops or “curls”. It’s this process that gives the fabric it’s intriguing appearance. Though it is a very heavy textile […]

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