Smart Garden: Indoor Hydroponic Herb Kit with Automatic LED Grow Lights and Timing Water Pump

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Transform your indoor gardening experience with the Garden Hydroponics Growing System. This complete herb garden kit features automatic timing LED grow lights, a smart water pump, and all the necessary components for successful hydroponic growth in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for growing fresh herbs, flowers, and more in stylish flower pots. Get started on your indoor gardening journey today!

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Bring the joys of indoor gardening to your home with the Hydroponic Herb Kit  Hydroponics Growing System. With a large 2L water tank, water level scale, and smart water pump, this system ensures your plants receive the perfect amount of water and oxygen for optimal growth and health. The built-in alarm reminds you to add water when the level is too low, and the water pump circulation system helps avoid root rot.

Hydroponic Herb Kit

The Hydroponic Herb Kit also includes a full spectrum 15W LED grow light that simulates sunlight for efficient plant photosynthesis and faster growth. The height of the grow light can be easily adjusted for different plant growth stages. The Smart Garden operates on a smart automatic timing system, working 16 hours per cycle with a 50% brightness sunrise simulation, 100% brightness during the day, and 50% brightness sunset simulation. The water pump operates in 10 minute intervals for optimal water distribution.

Smart Garden

With everything you need except for the seeds, this hydroponic growing system is the perfect gift for plant enthusiasts. Watch your herbs, veggies, and fruits grow with ease and bring both fun and health to your life. The kit includes a water tank with pump, light stand, fix stand, grow light, power adapter with controller, base, grow deck, grow domes, grow sponges, grow baskets, plant labels, two bottles of plant food, and a user manual. Get started on your indoor gardening journey today!

What’s in the box:

* Water Tank with Water Pump
* Light Stand
* Fix Stand
* Grow Light
* Power Adapter with Controller
* Base
* Grow Deck
* Grow Domes
* Grow Sponges
* Grow Baskets
* Plant Labels
* Bottle of Plant Food
* Users Manual


  • Model Number: 326-HGS
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Nursery Pots
  • Color: White
  • Power Adapter: Input – 100-240V / 50-60Hz, Output – 12V 1.25A
  • Power: 15W
  • Water Tank Capacity: Max. 2L
  • Functions: Indoor Hydroponics Growing System, Large Water Tank & Smart Water Pump, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Smart Automatic Timing Working, Great Gift for Plant Enthusiasts
  • Features: Garden, Flower Pots, Hydroponics, Hidroponia, Macetas, Hydroponia Kit de Cultivo, Flowers Stories, Pots for Plants